There’s No Place Like Home

Via the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Things are happening here. It’s the right time and place to be apart of something great.

There is a lot going on in Chattanooga these days. Once named the most polluted city in America, Chattanooga is now a shining example of how positive change can be implemented successfully.

Chattanooga is growing, and it needs young, hardworking innovative leaders to keep the momentum up and the ideas fresh. YPAC is creating a community in which young people can thrive and contribute. Chattanooga is a great place to start out, start over or stay in. We know that this city has a great future - and we want you to be a part of something great.

Chattanooga Is a Great Place for Young Professionals

Technology is taking off in Chattanooga.

The UTC Sim Center is on the cutting edge of promising fuel cell technology while VW  prepares to manufacture its 2011 line of  vehicles. The city-owned, not-for-proft electric utility EPB is taking Chattanooga to the fore front of the latest energy technology with a fiber-optic smart grid and future-proof broadband infrastructure. The Chattanooga Technology Council promotes the growth of technology businesses and education throughout the area.

Via the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Chattanooga appreciates the finer things.

The arts are alive and well in the city. You can check out the Art District, visit the Hunter Museum of Art, check out a local gallery or two, catch a show at the Theatre Center, hear a new band, or go out to the symphony - all in one week!

Natural beauty meets outdoor activity.

Whether you just like to take in a breathtaking view or catch a view after a long hike, Chattanooga has it all. Chattanooga has some of the best rock climbing around, as well as great kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, biking and public park site seeing in the Southeast. You can visit our Outdoor Center, bike to downtown on our river walk or paddle your way down the Tennessee - the possibilities are endless.

Chattanooga is moving toward sustainability.

Chattanooga has come a long way from its polluted past and we are working toward where we need to go. An active environmental community can keep you involved. The local Sierra Club looks out for nature while the USGBC East Tennessee Chapter looks out for the built environment. Local non profit green|spaces is committed to greening the city and the Mayor’s Climate Action plan is being carried out by several Climate Action Teams.

Chattanooga likes it local.

Chattanoogans like to shop right here, keeping money in the local economy. From the Buy It Downtown campaign that makes it easy to buy local and the Chattanooga Market, to restaurants that use local food in almost every dish, this city supports its own.

Chattanooga supports business and creativity.

Chattanooga admires the ingenuity and  work ethic to turn ideas into reality. The Small Business Development Center offers free resources to people interested in starting their own businesses. CreateHere, a not-for-profit committed to the city’s development, offers programs like Spring Board and the 48Hour Launch, encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship. The Stand Project, a survey designed to give thousands Chattanooga the chance to drive the city’s future, has exceeded its response goal. This city is full of enthusiastic, driven YPs ready to make things happen. If you want a launching pad to make a difference, Chattanooga is the place for you!

Chattanooga welcomed Volkswagen to town in 2008, in 2010 and the growth has only just started!

Via the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Young families have room to grow.

Chattanooga is a kid friendly place with many opportunities for learning and time together.  The IMAX 3D theatre and top rated Tennessee Aquarium offer entertainment and education on the waterfront. The Chattanooga Nature Center offers many activities like seeing and learning about endangered and threatened species or renting one of the center’s fun cabins for a weekend getaway. The Creative Discovery Museum is a great place for a family field trip, and the museum’s Tower Club is a great place to meet other young parents. Coolidge Park is a nice place to spend an afternoon playing Frisbee or playing in the fountain and the Chattanooga Zoo is hours of fun - but these are just a few of the things for young families to do here!

A Rich History to a Promising Future

Chattanooga has a fascinating history. The City’s name “Chattanooga” is derived from the Creek Indian word for “rock coming to a point.” The name reflects the geography of the area: Lookout Mountain, an area that begins in the City, stretches 88 miles through Alabama and Georgia.

From its crucial role throughout Civil War to its 1982 Vision 2000 project that revitalized the riverfront and downtown, you can find out more about the City’s past by going to historical landmarks and by reading online.



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