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Protege Chattanooga is designed as a team-based mentoring program that is geared toward emerging leaders in their early to mid-career. It provides an opportunity for young professionals to come together and learn from some of Chattanooga's most accomplished leaders and one another.

The program will be held within a 9-month period beginning with an orientation & reception to be held in August and ending with a graduation reception in April. Young professionals can nominate mentors throughout the year for next year's program. Proteges are chosen through an application process.

Tuition for the program is $500, and may be sponsored by your employer. Participant must invest at least $50 of his/her own resources.

Applications for the 2014-15 Protege Chattanooga class are accepted from March 24 - May 16, 2014.

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Mentorship Program Defined

The Mentorship Program consists of:

  • A group of 6 to 10 proteges and 1 mentor per session.
  • Proteges will be from diverse professional backgrounds, preference given to YPAC members. (Applicants may join YPAC during the application process.)
  • Mentor is an established business leader.
  • Meetings are held twice a month, one for a planning session and the other for the mentor meeting. Each meeting lasts two hours.
  • 100% attendance is expected from proteges. Two missed meetings are allowed without penalty.
  • Only one person per company/agency will be allowed in each Protege Chattanooga class.
  • Confidentiality, trust and openness are expected to faciliate the exchange of ideas and development of relationships.

The Mentorship Program provides an ongoing opportunity to share and discuss with a group of peers the issues that young professionals face. The program is designed to enhance the skills of the protege by gaining insight from the mentors through the sharing of success and lessons learned.

The Mentorship Program provides:

  • Exploration of business and personal interests/issues.
  • Business and personal networking.
  • Development of people skills.
  • Professional and personal growth.

2012 Mentors Included:

Harold DePriest-EPB
Rose Decosimo-Decosimo
Ted Alling-Access America
Mike St. Charles-Chambliss Bahner & Stophel
Mike Walden-Walden Security
Julie Baumgardner-First Things First
Craig Holley-Capital Mark Bank


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